Live Streaming Your Daughter’s Sweet 16 Party

Share That Special Day!

Ask any mother what is most important in her life and she’ll
answer without hesitation that her children are.  (Sorry,
husbands, it’s the truth!).

Clearly there are indelible, memorable moments in any child’s life.  

One of those moments that may be remembered above
all else is when your daughter turns 16.  Yes, there have
been other milestones associated with your religion ie.
Confirmation, Bat Mitzvah, etc.

Lighting a candle for each year also serves as a way to highlight
the appreciation for all those, both family and friends, who have shaped her.   A sweet 16 party is, indeed, a sweet way to mark the transition from a young girl to a young woman.  

The American Movie Company has the answer!

Most friends and family look forward to the joyous celebration and make plans ahead of time.  However, there are always some who cannot attend. Perhaps they live in another state or country.  Perhaps they have financial constraints. What can you do to make sure your lovely daughter is deluged with love and presents, (yes, presents!) from all there in person and in spirit?

Live Stream that special event. Live Streaming, or WebCasting, is an increasingly popular method to connect with dear ones and share special events over the Internet. Virtually everyone can be a part of this special day. Don’t let anyone miss it! Your daughter will be telling your grandchildren what an awesome, tech-savvy granny you were!

livestream your sweet 16 party with us

WebCasting the sweet 16 party allows everyone no matter where they are to tune in and see it as it happens in real-time.
The only thing those not in the room can’t have is cake!

It can be Streamed to Facebook LiveYouTube, or any other social platform all at once.

AMC not only provides Live Streaming per se, but it also goes beyond the basics.  Their WebCasting services will impress you. You may choose to have a personal video edited featuring select highlights of what you consider the best moments of the day.  You may simply want to archive the full Streamed Video. You may even add a Chatbox to the Streaming! This way your virtual guests can communicate with each other in real-time!

Another plus!  With Video On Demand (included with all American Movie WebCasts), the Sweet 16 party will not only be a day you remember but will also be a day that you can look back on and relive whenever you like.

And, when your daughter’s 21st birthday comes around, you will be grateful that you can reminisce and see your daughter surrounded by her friend’s ages ago.  My, how she’s blossomed! Turning 21… another reason to WebCast!

Call Bill Milling at: 212-219-1075 to discuss these happenings and… is there a wedding in the offing?  

Trust the American Movie Company (It has over 200 Five Star Google Reviews) to connect you to all your loved ones in a most memorable manner.  Live Streaming is cost-effective, meaningful, and your family and friends near and far will thank you for allowing them to share such a wonderful day with their much loved 16 years old.

Entrust the American Movie Company to record the celebration of your daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party for posterity.  

Our expert technicians and staff are committed to their craft.  Their aim is not only to maintain the high standard of the Stream quality but make sure that not a second is missed.

AMC WebCasts can be recorded from anywhere, even without a WiFi connection.   The live switching, 4k resolution will amaze. At the risk of being redundant, trust that the dedicated production crew will make sure your Stream is as beautiful as this important day itself.

Don’t let unavoidable circumstances stop your family from being there for one of the most important days in your daughter’s life.  Invite everyone! AMC will accept the invitation and take pride in helping you cherish such an event. Party on!

For answers to all your questions and suggestions, feel free to call Bill Milling at 
212-219-1075 or email to receive a quote based on your needs.

Let American Movie Company exceed your expectations!