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Our NYC WebCasting Studio

Our WebCasting studio is located in Chelsea South Stages. This green screen sound stage features a soundproof control room and utilizes some of the fastest internet in NYC; our gigabit fiber connection allows for virtually unlimited bandwidth. We can stream in full 1080p HD. and archive in 4K.

webcasting control room
green screen studio

Our Green Screen Studio

Our primary green screen studio, which encompasses our WebCasting studio, is 21 feet wide, 21 feet deep, and 12 feet tall. Using this space and a 12 camera LiveStream Flypack, we can stream your talent in live 3D sets that are composited in real-time. Additionally, we offer full grid lighting and a generous grip package, green room, makeup and hair rooms, and an executive lounge and production office.

Streaming for a large audience?

We provide a wide range of services for clients who WebCast to a large audience. Using Livestream software, we offer clients the ability to manually trigger mid-roll advertisements, tally light integration with our Flypacks, and direct recording into the cloud. We also offer clients detailed information about their audience via Google Analytics.

live streaming service
webcasting anywhere

We can WebCast from virtually any location.

Our WebCasting services are as versatile as they are reliable. We have experience in 1080p HD Live Streaming from helicopters, boats, vans, and a variety of outdoor locations. Lack of Internet is no problem for us. We can WebCast in full 1080p HD over bond LTE cellular networks. In addition, we supply land-based ethernet systems for fail-safe streaming from anywhere. Add our internal video production services in to the mix and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

WebCast full 1080p HD aerial video live from our drones!

We offer a wide selection of professional camera drones with FAA-licensed pilots. Live HD video is streamed from our drone (or drones) to our multi-camera flypacks. Additionally, our technicians can intercut live drone footage into larger productions. Our flat rate includes a certified, experienced drone pilot and aerial DP/cameraman. Aerial video compliments live broadcasts in any outdoor or large indoor location. Many of our musician clients intercut between their performance and a live aerial video feed of their crowd. Drone video provides a unique, eye-catching, way to showcase the full scale of the location or audience of your production.

webcasting from drone

WebCasting / Live Streaming Video Production Services

Live Streaming and WebCasting provide a direct connection with your audience. There is nothing more essential than audience participation when it comes to the success of any event.
no internet no problem - webcasting anywhere
  • Corporate Events WebCasting

Creating a genuine connection with the audience expands mutual trust and is a cornerstone for your business moving forward and forging new connections. People will want to know more about how they can get involved in your business and will want to share it with their friends. Chat boxes often accompany Live Streamed events. This feature enables the virtual attendees to participate in real time and ask speakers on the panel or lecture – l questions which can be addressed live.

  • Live Streaming for Graduations

For families, institutions and even entire communities, the celebration of important milestones is a major event. You can share the joy and intimacy by including the widest possible attendance. Webcasting will dramatically expand your audience beyond those physically present to all who wished they could be there. But, however important the gathering – for many of us, traveling long distances isn’t always realistic due to time, budget, and other constraints.

  • WebCasting Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding? A destination wedding, perhaps? Are you bummed that your nearest and dearest are unable to attend due to the financial burden or distance? Are you afraid of hurting feelings? If you invite some people you feel you have to invite everyone? I know how to help you relax and enjoy the planning!

About Us

Live Streaming Video Production Services

WebCastingNY specializes in live WebCasting and Live Streaming Video. Our live NYC WebCasting studio, Chelsea North, features a tricked out 16 Camera HD Flypack with two internal DVR’s and 4 Blackmagic Mini Recorders streaming over a one gigabyte dedicated fiber line. With this studio, we can Live Stream your talent on Green and composite in real time.
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