WebCasting / Live Streaming Fashion Shows

Fashion Week Live!

Fashion… This event gives designers, brands or “houses” an
opportunity to display their latest creations, their collections
on the runway for all to see. They focus, of course, on buyers
and the media. Trends are established here for all seasons!

And so… whether you are looking for stores to buy your
season’s line, or to sell directly to customers, you want to find the most cost-effective and most innovative way to showcase your collection.

The American Movie Company has the answer!

WebCast your fashion show!

Present your creations to hundreds of thousands of viewers online, Live!

Cisco research shows that live content, as such, has three times the viewer engagement as a pre-recorded video.

So, do consider AMC’s WebCasting Services.  Whether you’re involved in a major runway fashion production, a charity event, or even a smaller and more personal presentation, give them a call. They will make it possible for fans and prospective customers from all over the globe to tune in to view and admire your creations live.  

This eagerly awaited event can be simulcast on many streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and more.

Aside from the brand building and market awareness you derive from a live video presentation of your line, the audience feedback and detailed data you get is worth far more than the modest cost to produce it.  

Our highly experienced video crew will make sure to get the best shots of your clothes and models. Our team will not only record the event live, but can also archive and produce a highlight package as well, ensuring that the best moments on the runway can be a model for others to emulate!  (pun intended). With the months in the making and all effort expended to bring the collection to life, you are worthy of the attention and admiration from customers, critics, and fashion enthusiasts.

fashion show webcasting

WebCasting such an event makes sense.  At the risk of repeating myself, it is a cost-effective and innovative vehicle which will bring your work, your art, to a wide audience in the best possible light.

Here is where I will drop some names. Nordstrom, Hugo Boss, Ashley Graham, Rag & Bone, Levi’s, Tory Burch, J. Crew, Champion and other top brands have all availed themselves of American Movie Company’s WebCasting Services.  

Live Streaming Video has helped these and other companies raise their bottom line, as it were.  You can trust that AMC’s first-class video production team will see to it that when your line hits the runway, viewers near and far will not miss a moment.

It is worth mentioning a few technical aspects.  AMC offers packages that include Live Video switching with graphics, built-in DVRs and more.  You may decide to add pre-recorded video and still images to your presentation. No problem! They can record in 4K and Stream in full 1080p HD.

No Internet at your venue? That does not stop us! We can bring a portable Streaming solution so you can, literally, WebCast from anywhere!

Can’t help but drop names again! We’ve collaborated with TV series such as Mad About You, Friends, Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother etc., and feature films.

AMC and its dedicated staff love a challenge, so feel free to come to us and share your artistic vision. We will exceed your expectations!

We will work closely with you and arrive at a quote based on your needs and budget.

Your designs will dazzle!

Let your imagination strut the runway!

Viewers will run to it!

It’s always fashion week somewhere!

fashion show