Live Streaming Your Corporate Events

Many businesses don’t fully understand the power of direct, immediate, engagement with their clients.

But, those who do, more and more often use Live Streaming Video to gain a distinct, competitive advantage.

The most technologically savvy businesses know that WebCasting, aka Live Streaming Video, is one of the major keys to success in the digital age.

According to industry leader Cisco, Online Streaming Video is predicted to rise to 82% in 2020. This includes all Internet traffic. It’s an amazing statistic.

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Facebook tells us, “Users will watch a live video three times longer than a pre-recorded video”.

This too is worthy of reflection. The conclusion is logical and inescapable. As 82% of all online traffic is video… Live Video is preferred three times as much.

Put simply: Live Streaming Video is where your customers are.

All over the country, smart businesses are using WebCasting to expand their brand, connect with employees, and build trust.

The market’s increasing demand for WebCasting puts the businesses taking advantage of this inexpensive but valuable tool on the cutting edge of dramatically increased profitability.

The American Movie Company is the premier WebCasting production company in both the New York and Hollywood metro areas. Our clients depend on us to work with them to expand their business.

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AMC now has over 200 Five Star Google Reviews.

We are professionals who will free you from worry by taking care of all the work involved in Live Streaming.  

Your responsibility is limited to finding the best content and most effective speaker (s).The market’s increasing demand for WebCasting puts the businesses taking advantage of this inexpensive but valuable practice on the cutting edge.

With our WebCasting production services, your event can be seen in all of your company’s branches, worldwide, in real-time.

And when the event is over it will be available to all who have the link via VOD (Video On Demand) to watch at their leisure.

Live engagement with your employees is also an excellent way to ensure loyalty. Unlike ordinary TV, which is a one-way process, Live Streaming allows your viewers to interact with your presentation team in real-time via Live Chat.

Your events can reveal quite a bit about your business as well, and serve as a great way to win new customers.

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You can stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, or any of the many online platforms or put the Stream, as it were, directly onto your own corporate website. Or, you may do all of the above at the same time!

No matter where your event is being held, you will be able to form a direct connection with your audience.

Want further proof? According to Digitell, anywhere between 15% and 30% of a typical Stream’s viewers will make an effort to contact the presenting entity or even to appear in person at the next corporate event.

Engaging with your audience Live is as simple as giving Bill Milling, a call at: 212-219-1075. He can walk you through all the issues, benefits and costs of WebCasting.

You will also be able to have a Chatbox on your Stream, allowing your audience to communicate with each other from anywhere. We can record your conference, as well as cut a highlight package of your event’s most notable moments. Following up with blog posts and emails can awaken interest in your event and further build your brand. You may want to use those moments for marketing or fundraising.

Your employees are not the only ones who can have access to your event. Perhaps you wish to build your consumer base. A Streamed event showcasing your company’s culture may just be the hook to draw in prospective customers.

You can trust that American Movie Company will take your corporate events’ Stream to viewers anywhere in the world. Our first-rate technicians are on staff to help you, and we will supply all of the technology needed to bring your event to the web.

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Everyone in business knows the value of getting in on the ground floor, and this technology is still growing. Do not be left behind as the rest of the business world starts to take advantage of this incredibly powerful and versatile tool.

If your venue does not have the Internet available…

That’s not a problem!

We can supply a high tech device to Stream from virtually anywhere.

While we all wait for 5G, we currently Stream in 1080p HD. But, our technology is 4K ready right now so we can record internally in 4K and Stream in HD.

And as soon as 5G is widely available to the general public we will directly Stream in the highest resolution possible, which is 4K. We employ some of the most skilled Live Streaming professionals in the industry, all to bring your event to the world stage for your employees and customers.

Trust American Movie Company to bring your events to the next level.   Let us exceed your expectations!

Feel free to call at 212-219-1075 or email to receive a quote based on your business needs.

With our proven, professional WebCasting services, you can expect your event to be one that everyone will remember.