Live Streaming / WebCasting Political Events

Elections Matter!  
Choose WebCasting and Win!
(By Narrowing Your Chances of Losing!)

The world of politics is plagued with uncertainty.
The field is open and the players pitted against
each other often play by different rules.  Don’t panic,
am not here to prod or preach, am here to prompt you into an open discussion about the benefits of Live Streaming!

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According to Google, video is the best way to reach and impress an audience. The statistic is that  Live Video is 3X more effective than pre-recorded material.

Perhaps you the politician should think less about doing the same old tired, predictable commercials and give Live Streaming Video a shot.

Once upon a time, the only way to get political news directly from the source without any spin was to watch C-Span.

By nature, opposing politicians don’t agree on much.  However, one thing is clear. Whether a local contender or a presidential hopeful, they agree that the best way to win an election is to connect directly with future constituents.

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In 2008, Barack Obama was propelled to victory by his campaign’s innovative usage of social media.  He was an inexperienced Senator and former community organizer. The message of HOPE came through and he lured people to the voting booth!

Upcoming elections will be won by the candidates with the best understanding of the newest technology, and social platforms gracing the Internet. The one with the most potential? Live Streaming!

Bring WebCasting Services, under the auspices of the American Movie Company, into your campaign.  Avail yourself of their professional staff and crew and reach thousands of your constituents in a direct way.  Your message undiluted!. Interact with voters even if they are unable to make it to your rally, town hall, or fundraiser.  

Be strategic.  Focus on your audience.  Let AMC transmit your plans via a WebChat, for example.  What an amazing, honest way to exchange ideas. Call them at any time.  They can answer any questions you may have. Holding a town hall is a great idea to make that connection.  Voters are often swayed in such an intimate, real, raw communication.

WebCast these political events on the many social platforms available such as YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.

The American Movie Company can be relied upon to provide the best. They are dedicated professionals with a passion for their work. Large or small, your gathering will be WebCast with the same energy and the quality will speak for itself.  Time will be devoted to work closely with you.  

Other than the actual Live Streaming of the event, there are other possibilities to explore.  You may want to archive some of the footage and perhaps build a reel of select, particular interchanges.  Highlight the highlights! AMC also offers Live Video Switching, (At the moment it is 1080p. 4K resolution when 5G video becomes available).

The choice is clear.  Live Stream your political event and make history! Be part of it!

We don’t make empty promises.  We can’t guarantee that you will win the election but, if past is prologue, we do guarantee that you will reach thousands of potential voters in a novel way.  Live Streaming/WebCasting is the obvious choice.

No need to debate…

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Vote us in and you will win!