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WebCasting Your Concert

WebCasting Your Concert

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Concert?

Share the love by WebCasting your concert with the world.

Being there!  Hearing and feeling the rhythm dance and keep pace with your own heartbeat… nothing compares!  The immediacy of it all, sharing this experience with others both friends and fans is a true celebration.  The infectious sounds get you going! Singing to your favorite songs, seeing the joy around you, the escape to a wonderful, stress-free, world, this and many others are reasons music lovers love attending concerts!

webcasting concerts

There are hundreds, thousands even who cannot for one reason or another be there in person.  Perhaps the concert is sold out. Perhaps they are not near the venue. Perhaps money is an issue.  Whatever the reason…

You have power… people have the power (as Patti Smith sings) to make the concert available to all whether near or far.  

How?  The answer is WebCasting!  Live Streaming!

webcasting concerts

Are you worried that allowing viewers to watch your concert online might detract from your ticket sales? I promise this will not interfere with your bottom line.  Ticket sales will actually increase as a result of such a wide audience.

There are current statistics to back my theory.  According to, 67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert after watching a live video of such an event.  

By the way, Streaming the concert with a Live Chat is an amazing way to allow fans to connect as they watch the concert in real time.   Not only that, but it can be Streamed on any social platform of your choice, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and even on your own website.

Avail yourself of the many services that the American Movie Company offers.  WebCasting Services is much in demand! Your concert can be seen around the world!

Streaming a concert can actually pay for itself.  You may charge viewers a minimal sum using Pay Per View, if you’d like.

There’s more!  Afterward, you may be the proud owner of a full Multicam professional video of the event,   Per your instructions someone can edit highlights of the concert and your participation in it.  This video can then also be used for future marketing or even as a way to whet the appetite of potential viewers. 

Fans are always looking for an opportunity to connect in a unique way.  AMC’s services can take you backstage and even WebCast directly from there.  Viewers have the virtual VIP experience that so many of us crave. Most importantly, performers rest assured that they are being watched from all over the world, and feel the affection of their fans that couldn’t make it to the concert hall.

webcasting your concerts

Getting in on the ground floor of this growing technology will ensure you will grow your business at an impressive rate.  Are you in charge of a venue looking to book performances? Live Streaming will show interested parties the energy that attendees to your concerts bring. If you are a member of a band, then getting to showcase the power of your music will allow you to grow your fanbase in a way you never could before. After all, nothing beats the live experience.

With AMC’s experienced video crew and Streaming technicians, your concert will look and sound totally professional. 

What if there is no Internet near the concert area?

No problem!

AMC can supply portable Internet service to the venue for the Live Stream.

Again, the American Movie Company can broadcast your full concert without even so much as a WiFi connection.  Their high-tech services, such as Live Switching, 4K resolution for archiving, 1080p for Streaming, and an experienced crew will ensure that the concert looks, sounds, and feels like the high-octane spectacle it was intended to be. 

Taking advantage of AMC’s services will allow thousands of fans to rock out with you, or perhaps light a candle during a beautiful ballad. No matter the genre, a WebCast concert will feel as real and as powerful as one seen and heard in person.

Don’t be left out!  Music fans all over the world flock to Live Streamed concerts.  Seeing their favorite artists is something to look forward to! Contact American Movie Company today and discuss at length your needs and get answers to all your concerns.  All is within your reach. 

WebCasting brings fans together, some in spirit only, from around the globe and gives them the pleasure of sharing such a unique experience.  

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Let American Movie Company exceed your expectations!  We’re in concert with you!

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