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WebCasting at Houses of Worship

WebCasting at Houses of Worship

Celebrating your faith is an experience enhanced when shared with others. Being in a church, a synagogue or a mosque with those who share your faith is uplifting and gives you quite simply a wonderful calming feeling.

There are times when pious people cannot physically attend religious services.  The reasons are many. Perhaps illness interferes. Perhaps other responsibilities beckon.  

This is where WebCasting comes to the rescue.  Essentially, it is a media presentation spread over the Internet.  Put even simpler, it is “broadcasting” over the Internet. This is done using Streaming Media technology.  A given single content source is disseminated to simultaneous viewers anywhere on earth in real time.

webcasting at houses of worship

The American Movie Company has years of experience in this field.  Its staff and crew are peopled with professionals in this and other film-related areas. 

Parishioners from far away places can be at your House of Worship in spirit if they can’t attend for personal reasons.  

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Live Streaming offers a solution.  Everyone who wants to can be part of the religious ritual from the comfort of their own home.  Knowing that hundreds, perhaps thousands of like thinkers are viewing the event and praying together brings them solace

The idea that a congregation can literally have unlimited seats is very appealing.  The world is a better place when the positive message from all Houses of Worship is heard by many no matter where they are.

Faith unites.        

Whether you worship in a church, a mosque, or a temple, I am certain that you’d like the number of worshippers to increase.  Technology, WebCasting technology helps you do just that. Live Streaming your inspiring sermon, or other event benefits everyone.  The possibilities are endless. You may WebCast directly to any of the ubiquitous social platforms, Facebook Live, YouTube, even to your very own website.   You’ve noticed that I am using Live Stream and WebCast interchangeably. Both platforms allow customers (in this case, the faithful) to be a part of their broadcast.  

people at church reading. sharing the bible

Technology, ever evolving allows you to archive all or part of the religious happening.  Perhaps you want only the highlights – you choose. An edit can be done and you will be able to play it back to teach your children and grandchildren.   

Live Streaming isn’t just a means by which Houses of Worship connect with their followers. It is also a great tool for outreach and community involvement.

A laudable aim is to make disciples of all nations.  What better way to extend your reach than to WebCast directly to their computer screens?  Worshipping brings congregants together at the actual facility and virtually anywhere there are believers.  

Add Live Chat and involve young and old in this immediate method of communicating.  Ask questions, praise others, pray together.

AMC’s WebCasting Services for Houses of Worship are not limited to weekend sermons or other events.  If you hold fundraisers, concerts, plays, catechism, Hebrew school, re-enactments of important moments in the history of your religion, then do call the American Movie Company.  Together you can explore ways to increase the intake from offerings and donations. Reach out and make your community a partner in all endeavors.  

Everybody needs to feel they belong.   

Let AMC take the wheel.  Their first-class technicians and expert crew will make sure that your Sunday Service, Midnight Mass, Baptism, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any other event will be given the highest level of care.  

The American Movie Company takes pride in keeping up with technology and so are able to incorporate Live Switching, and 4K resolution. Their skilled production crew ensures that your events are broadcast according to the highest standards and that all will go as smoothly as possible.  During the planning stage you may discover a need for a teleprompter. The speaker (priest, rabbi, imam) may prefer to read rather than memorize the written words. May I be so bold as to suggest you consider renting a Teleprompter? is a subsidiary of AMC.  It provides Teleprompters with an operator well versed as speech coaches as well.  The lecture, or sermon can be even more powerful and stirring.

Make your House of Worship more than a structure… Build a lasting relationship with the community.  Involve them! Invite them to be a true part of the religious community as well. Live Streaming your services can bring a community of worshippers closer. Extend your faith.

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The American Movie Company can help your House of Worship exceed its grasp. 

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