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Our Services

  • Corporate Events
  • Fashion Week
  • Sweet 16 Party
  • Concerts
  • Political Events
  • Houses of Worship
  • Graduations

Full-Featured Live WebCasting Service.

For over a decade, we have specialized in live WebCasting NYC and Streaming Media Services.

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Our NYC WebCasting studio

We have over two dozen WebCasting studios in The New York City Metro Area.

Our Chelsea South green screen studio control room utilizes some of the professional compositing and streaming gear available as well as the fastest Internet bandwidth in NYC. Our one gig uplink connection allows for plenty of bandwidth to stream to multiple locations simultaneously in full 1080P HD.

Oue NYC broadcasting studios are also equipped with Live Stream Flypacks built by industry leader, Saturn Encoders. These Flypacks can handle up to 12 cameras and are upgraded regularly so they are more reliable and have incorporate more cutting edge technology than our competitors.

For all our studio locations we also provide Sony PMW 325 Broadcast quality cameras, Miller Tripods equipped with remote zoom and focus controls, green screen studios.

Our Green Screen Studio

Our primary Manhattan green screen studio, which encompasses our cutting-edge WebCasting technology, is 38 feet wide, 38 feet deep, and 12 feet tall.

Using this space and \our Live Stream Control Room, we can stream your video in live 3D sets composited in real-time.

Additionally, we offer full grid lighting and grip, makeup and hair rooms, and an executive lounge and production office.

Our WebCasting studios are the ideal venue for your high-quality, high-production value live broadcasts.

green screen studio
live streaming service

Broadcasting for a Broad Audience?

We provide a wide range of services for clients who WebCast to a large audience.

Using Livestream software, we offer clients the ability to manually trigger mid-roll advertisements and tally light integration with our ability to direct record into the cloud as well as to a local hard drive.

We also offer our clients valuable information about their audience via Google Analytics.

Viewer information is vital in planning your future productions. Google Analytics informs you of how many viewers you have and how long they watch.

Many of our clients use this service to better tailor their advertisements and time their breaks.

After accumulating data over several broadcasts, clients often change more important aspects of their production, such as overall length and/or visual effects.

We can stream live video from virtually any location.

Our WebCasting services are as versatile as they are reliable. We have experience in 1080p HD Live Streaming from helicopters, boats, vans, and a variety of outdoor locations.

No WiFI connection?

No problem!

We can stream in full 1080p HD over bonded cellular networks.

If required, we can also provide land-based ethernet systems for relyable streaming from anywhere.

Our Emmy Winning production team provides best-in-class production services in NYC .

webcasting anywhere,outdoor music party
webcasting from drone

WebCast full 1080p HD aerial video live from our drones!

We offer a wide selection of camera drones.

Live HD video is streamed from our drone (or drones) to our Live Stream Flypacks and out to the world..

Additionally, our tech team can simultaneously intercut our live drone footage into a larger land-based production as simply another live camera feed.

Our flat rate includes an FAA Certified drone pilot and experienced aerial cameraman.

Drone video adds great production value to live broadcasts in any outdoor or substantially large indoor location.

Often our concert clients intercut between their performance and a live aerial video feed of their audience.

Aerial videography adds a unique, eye-popping dimension to your production showcasing the full grandeur of your event.

Searching for Professional, Cost Effective Live Streaming Video Services in New York or Hollywood?

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